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Pre-planning Consultation


We appreciate planning permission can be complex, which is why we will provide you with free of charge, no obligation pre-planning advice.

Before beginning any project, most people have the same questions, some of which include;

These are very important questions to ask, and it is vital to get the answers before going ahead with any planning application or indeed starting any construction.

You may have already taken the step to contact your local council to get the answers to these questions. In which case, often you will be directed to submit a formal pre-application including drawings for your project.

It could take up to 8 weeks before you get a response from the council regarding your pre-application. They may advise you if your project falls under permitted development or requires planning permission. They will advise how likely it is that they will accept your proposal. However, this does not give you a definite answer and will incur fees.

We can give you the answers you need much faster and free of charge. We will talk you through whether your project requires planning permission or can be completed under permitted development and the likelihood of success if planning permission is required.

This will allow you to make an informed decision regarding whether you would like to move forward with your project. We hope that your project is viable but in the event that it is not, we will give you open and honest advice, and offer alternative options which could save you time, money and stress.

Provided your happy to go ahead with your project we can then quote for everything you may need including the architectural drawings, type of planning application required, building regulation drawings, structural engineering drawings and build over agreements.