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Build Over Agreement

Build Over Agreement

A build over agreement is a contract between the homeowner and the local water authority. This contract ensures that any works being carried out do not negatively impact a public sewer beneath or near the boundary of your project. It stipulates that the local water authority will still be able to access the sewer in the event that any maintenance or repair work is required.

A Build Over Agreement is required for any construction works that are to be carried out over or within 3 meters of a public sewer. Approval from the water company needs to be obtained prior to building work commencing on site.

In some cases, even where a waste pipe only serves your property and is therefore classed as a private drain, if you are looking into building within 1 meter of the boundary where it leaves your land, some water authorities will still require a build over agreement.

We can provide the drawings required for a build over agreement, submit the application for you and liaise with the water authority on your behalf. You can contact us for a free no obligation consultation to discuss your requirements and answer any questions you may have.